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Welcome to Jee Ann bicycle assembly factory! With service design at the core, we are dedicated to providing you with unique and high-quality bicycle manufacturing services. We understand that each type of rider has different needs and preferences, so our goal is to create a bicycle that perfectly matches your brand requirements.


Whether you enjoy commuting, off-road, road, or city cycling, we will carefully listen to your needs and provide professional advice. We collaborate with top suppliers to ensure that the components and accessories used are reliable and durable. We will blend the unique style of your brand to create a comfortable, safe, and high-performance bicycle.


Let us help you make your dreams come true! We will provide you with a comprehensive bicycle assembly experience, allowing you to feel ultimate comfort and joy with every ride. Contact us now and start building your perfect bicycle!


Frame Developing

We understand the importance of the frame in bicycle performance and comfort, so we pay great attention to every detail to ensure that the frame can showcase its perfect form. Let us assist you in developing a bicycle frame that belongs to your brand. 


We work closely with material suppliers such as lightweight carbon fiber and high-strength aluminum alloy to assist you in exterior design, mold development, sample making, and ISO 4210 frame testing. We offer various color options to find a frame that suits your brand style, allowing you to create a unique bicycle.


We believe that a high-quality frame is the foundation of an outstanding bicycle, and it is our mission to provide the best frame solutions for each customer. Creating a frame exclusive to your brand becomes the soul of your ride, bringing you speed, stability, and enjoyment!

Parts Developing

Based on decades of experience, we know that bicycle accessories play an important role in adding the final touch of perfection to bicycles. 


Therefore, we assist in the design and development of bicycle accessories and collaborate with excellent suppliers to ensure that our components have excellent quality, durability, and reliability. Whether you need brake systems, gears, pedals, saddles, handlebars, or other accessories, we offer a wide range of choices to meet your personal needs and preferences. 


Our accessories go through rigorous quality control procedures to ensure that each component performs exceptionally well in various riding conditions. We understand that the needs and expectations for bicycle accessories are constantly changing and evolving in order to improve the performance and comfort of your bicycle. That's why we continuously strive for innovation and improvement, while closely monitoring industry trends and technological advancements to ensure that we stay at the forefront.

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Assembly Line

We have a professional production line assembly team composed of experienced technicians and skilled workers, dedicated to providing efficient, precise, and reliable bicycle assembly services. They are familiar with various bicycle structures and components and possess high technical skills and precision in their operations. We follow strict quality control standards to ensure the assembly quality and performance of each bicycle. 


During the assembly process, we strictly control each step, including frame assembly, wheel assembly, installation of the drivetrain system, brake and derailleur adjustment, and more. We test the functionality and performance of each bicycle to ensure its proper operation and riding quality. 


We also pay attention to personalized and customized requirements, providing comprehensive services in terms of the appearance and assembly method of the outer box. Our goal is to provide high-quality, reliable, and perfectly assembled bicycles, and we are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, winning the trust and support of our customers through outstanding assembly quality and delivery efficiency.

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