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BBS(Bicycle Bussiness Sources) is an E-Marketplace that focuses on the products and services produced and offered by the company itself and other reliable manufacturers to the customers from all around the world. It is a place where buyers meet suppliers, where importers and buyers from all corners of this globe to seek and buy products and services.

The difference between the actual marketplace and the E-Marketplace is the physical being itself, i.e. the E-Marketplace is where the offering and the seeking of the desire products and services are interacted on the Internet. Companies that would like to sell their products or services can place their offerings for those who desire for them on the e-marketplace. E-Marketplace is Virtual Marketplace where those who desire for a product or service or those seeking information can seek information from the marketplace. The E-Marketplace opens 24-hours-a-day and 365 days a year. You only need to be log on to the Internet and you can enter the market from all corners of the world.

As many world famous Internet giants note that "Marketplace" is an integration of infinite resources provided by the same industry community to fully take advantage to cut down costs and to enhance efficiency. In a way, it is the future for any business to survive and to increase its competitiveness. Some analysts even foresee that no companies will emphasize themselves as Internet companies in 5 years time, as all the businesses will have their Internet presence by then. So don't be left behind in this new wave of Internet evolution.